Checklist for graphic assets back-up

Your company logo

There are a few things every company should know in keeping track of digital assets. There have been many times I have asked clients for logos, in particular and they say, “Well, I can’t find it.” or “I cannot seem to get a hold of our old designer.” It is fair for you to ask for the final files that created your logo. In fact, any designer worth a salt will make sure you have a copy of your final logo in the formats you need moving forward. Insist on layered files or the vector final version of your important digital brand

Printer files

Small to large scale print projects will have rounds of proofs for changes prior to finalizing the work for the printer. Once you have approved the files for print ask for a copy of the final files submitted to the printer for your own archives. Your design can still make changes for future printing, but you always know you have the originals should your designer decide they need to travel to New Zealand for a year. Oh, and make sure they include the fonts, to many times we have received artwork for printing on disc labels and packaging with no fonts or fonts not outlined and this can cause delays and printing problems.

Social Media backgrounds

Like your logo you want to make sure your branding across your social media channels is consistent. Using templates for background creation can help keep things congruent. Make sure you keep these organized for future changes and that if done in house use graphics and logos you already have archived. By saving all your graphic assets form the start, they can be easily accessed for web, graphic or other advertising projects.

Your checklist for graphic assets to be archived

  • Logo files, original with fonts and outlined files or layered files
  • Company graphics or photos
  • Any copy written material from letters, testimonials or other marketing material
  • Final approved printer files with proofs
  • Social media graphics and background templates
  • All of the above that might pertain to your website


Marketing on Instagram

Lots of hub bub today about Instagram introducing advertising to their platform.bladehq1

Marketing folks are discussing it all over twitter, the blogosphere et al and positing how it will work and whether or not it will affect the user experience.

Meanwhile smart fast moving companies have been embracing it and already begun charting their own path without any maps.

One such brand that I’ve taken notice of that seems to hit all social media out of the ball park is an online knife dealer in Utah.

BladeHQ headquartered in Lehi, UT has been hitting home run after home run.

In this post I’ll point out some of the things they’re doing on Instagram that you could implement today to increase your exposure and drive sales.


      • Set up an instagram account for your business – Assign a champion or dedicated employee to the management of the channel.  BladeHQ has a very competent team compromised of young woman named Darci  and a gentleman named Jacob.  Together they do an awesome job of creating unique content.  Responding professionally to both criticism and accolades and generally being real honest people (more on that later)
      • Add a link to your business and your site slogan to your IG account. – Since to my knowledge Instagram does not offer verified accounts ala twitter or pinterest this is nice way to let your audience know that they are dealing with the real deal.


      • Add watermarks to your images – Sadly we live in a world where people will lift others intellectual property.  Putting watermarks with your logo both increases your brand exposure and decreases the chances that some other unscrupulous marketer will take advantage of your hard work.
      • Make sure your photos are high quality – A decent light tent is under fifty bucks and combined with a DSLR camera can yield semi professional results.
      • Be Human – People don’t forge relationships with brands they do with humans.  Blade HQ does a great job highlighting their employees and putting a human face to the brand by occasionally posting camping or lunch type shots.


    • Engage your audience -  Tens of thousands of followers aren’t worth squat if they aren’t interested with your products and engaging in a discussion with your brand.  Contests and informal polls are a great way to get your audience interacting with your brand.  Also don’t forget to monitor your content and respond to questions and criticism whenever possible.
    • A picture says a thousand words and a video says more -  Take advantage of Instagram video feature to highlight product features or unique situations where a simple picture or even a detailed description just won’t do justice.

  • Don’t be afraid to interact with your contemporaries -  By having discussions and interacting with other people in your industry it shows that you are engaged in the community, know the ins and outs and are a thought leader when it comes to your specific product category.


    So you can join the discussion on twitter or elsewhere about how, where, and when instagram ads will work or you can follow the roadmap laid out by DO’ers like the folks at BladeHQ and start driving visitors and building revenue today- the choice is yours.

  • BTW if you’re looking for any fine cutlery – needless to say you couldn’t do any better than   

Caveat – they (bladeHQ) had nothing to do with the commission of this blog post, the opinions referenced above are all mine.  I simply like the work they are doing and figure it deserves highlighting.

Pro Tip – Set up Calendar Alert for Monthly Google Adwords Audit

You remember to set one to change your cars oil?

How about your furnace filter?

Now it’s time to fire up ical or google calendar and put a little notch down for a monthly review of your Google adwords account too.

Great advice from Theresa over at unbounce in a recent blog post.
We highly recommend you go over and check out the interactive checklist that she put together.

Now if only we could get google to update their help references with new screenshots as often as they update their adwords and analytics user interface?

-HT to  Angie Schottmuller who is a must follow on google + and twitter for bringing this awesome post to our attention.



We all love the proper graphic format

When marketers, graphic designers and web developers deal with graphic output across projects the main consideration is hi-res verses lo-res.

Many times clients have sent artwork to be used for print that came from their web archive because they lost or do not know where original files are located. (Look for a later discussion about designers who lose client artwork.) This poses many problems in print quality, the ability to utilize graphics in more ways than in a white box or simply the display size.

graphic-hi-res-lo-res-comparisonLo-res images are perfect for web development and emails due to file size and color mode. While hi-res images or the vector versions of logos in particular allow for all the freedom needed to manipulate for any print project. Most design firms will do minor changes to artwork for conversion as needed, but in many cases printers and some agencies will charge for having to do anything to submitted artwork during the production process.

Save time and money by doing it right the first time. Ask your designer to help with templates, art guidelines or have them develop a style guide for your important branding graphics.

Remember to get a master back-up of the original files you paid good money to have created.

Remembering a friend

I grew up listening to Bob Dylan and have always enjoyed a majority of his music. His song writing and story telling through his music has inspired me over the years. I will always have a place for the memories of listening to endless hours of an old roommate of mine who had always lived and died by the music of the troubadour.

Bob Dylan is releasing his entire catalog on a harmonica-shaped USB. How many different copies of Blood On the Tracks can a person rightfully own? Bob Dylan is betting on at least one more with the Bob Dylan Complete Album Collection Vol. One. This is the big one.

via –


My friend John died 7 years ago this next month and Bob Dylan always reminds me of our friendship and the times we lived together during our lifelong friendship. For the rest of my life whenever I hear Bob’s music I will think back fondly of all the things we used to do while the music was blaring.

Read more about specialized USB delivery of Bob Dylan’s music.


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